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If you type the statement “get your life together” on the YouTube search bar, you’ll get approximately 5,200,000 results (according to Notion AI, that is).

And there’s a reason why creators keep producing videos on this topic: it’s a hit.

Many people are curious as to how they can put the different pieces of their lives together—neatly, and if possible, in an Instagram-worthy manner too.

But what does getting one’s life together really mean? How do you know if your life’s together or falling apart? Who sets the standard?

What getting your life together means

Fat bank accounts, new cars, launching your own business, getting married (or pregnant), traveling the world, landing your dream job, buying your first house—are these the criteria to help us gauge our progress and determine whether we “made it” in life or have remained to be all-over-the-place losers?

For my twenty-four-year-old self, there’s more to life than these external signals of success.

Getting your life together is not an end goal, but a continual process.

Getting your life together is not measured by material things but by the measure with which you experience peace.

Getting your life together is not a solo and self-centric journey, but a collaboration with the Greatest Artist—our Creator—and the people around you.

Getting your life together won’t look like anyone else’s experience.

There isn’t a perfect recipe to a sumptuous life. There isn't a clear-cut path towards it—just a messy adventure. And I'll be honored to grow through it all with you.

A candid, creative, and chaotic space

Just for fun, I asked ChatGPT to interpret the tagline of this space. Here's the response (pretentious words like "maturation" aside, I kind of like it).

Why is this space crafted especially for young adults?

I'm a recovering people pleaser.

When I started this passion project, I wanted it to be for everyone—I didn't want to alienate any potential reader.

But through the years of intermittently publishing a personal newsletter and corresponding with my friends-turned-readers and readers-turned-friends, I learned a lot and realized I bring the most value to this space when I create about things I do know and things I'm still learning about.

And right now, I would most likely be talking about this scary yet exciting phase of finding one's footing in the world—which non-young adults might not need any longer (or at least, not from me).

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