#88: A Sound Check Within Yourself

On pressing pause on the noise and tuning in to yourself

#88: A Sound Check Within Yourself

What are you listening to lately?

In the morning, I usually listen to a devotional plan or a guided meditation. As I walk my dog Ringo, I'd listen to my Spotify playlist. At lunch, I'd listen to a podcast and during afternoon breaks, I'd go through my YouTube "Watch later" playlist. Most of my weekends have been packed with social activities, and I'd fall asleep to the sound of Friends in the background.

I just couldn't let myself be alone with my thoughts.

So this weekend, I want to look into that. I want to slow down and recalibrate. I hope to balance all the stimulation with some silence—kind of like a sound check, but with my inner world.

If you can relate, I hope you can also take some time (no matter how little) to check in with yourself.

You deserve to feel heard too—especially by you.

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