#8: Why It's Okay To Lose 50 Instagram Followers in 3 Months

No big deal.

#8: Why It's Okay To Lose 50 Instagram Followers in 3 Months
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After a day of auditing a client's social media profile last week, it got me curious about my own account so I checked my Instagram analytics too (I rarely do this—probably once in a quarter).

While going through the report, I found out that in the last 90 days...

1. ~50 people unfollowed me on Instagram

2. 90 new people followed me

If this happened five years ago, I would've taken my unfollow count personally. I'd slide into overthinking mode and overanalyze who unfollowed me, why they did, and what's wrong with me and my content. I'd feel bad about losing 50 followers, then take the 90 new people for granted.

But when it happened this week, I was just...curious.

For a hot minute, I was curious who they were and why they unfollowed the account. Then I brushed it off and celebrated the new people who decided they'd like to see my content pass through their feed from time to time.

I remember the internal guide I wrote for myself regarding content creation. Here's a snippet:

From an old Notion doc. I wrote these reminders for myself when I was just starting to write in public (2020)

If you're passionate about something yet worried about what other people would think...

If you're worried about not pleasing everybody or losing followers for talking about what excites you and for expressing your creativity online...


Don’t dull your shine to convince people who aren’t aligned with you to stay. Not everyone is going to like what you say or agree with your beliefs.

When you start to gracefully be true to yourself and show up wholeheartedly, you'll lose people (not just followers online, tbh) who don't feel aligned with you, your values, or even your vibe. That's absolutely okay.

Leaving doesn't make them bad, and them leaving doesn't diminish your worth one bit.

Get excited because the space they leave is the space that'll be for your people. These are the ones who will brighten up your life—people who get you and appreciate you for who you are and vice versa. The Cristina Yang to your Meredith Grey.

PS: I binged the Netflix Show Celebrity last night and lost 5 hours of sleep (not doing that again!) I loved the message of the show, though. It touches on the fickleness of celebrity's social media followers, how harmful it is to tie your worth to material success, fame, and social status, how envy could ruin you and those around  you, staying true to oneself, building real relationships and supporting one another, and obviously I am just gushing now so just watch it! Haha.

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