#75: Staying The Same Is Overrated

"Don't ever change," they say. But what if you have to?

I never felt comfortable talking to strangers.

Now I'd chat with the driver, the bibingka seller, the lola with a chihuahua puppy that looked like Ringo sitting across me in the jeepney. I'd tell the cashier she looked pretty and that I liked the shade of her lipstick and then ask her where she got it, I'd joke with the staff at Straightforward and make them laugh, or borrow a lighter from someone I don't know to light a friend's surprise birthday cake.

I used to flake on friends so much they stopped inviting me to things.

Now I schedule dates and meetups with my friends—old and new—send reminders, and actually show up. Don't get me wrong, I sometimes get the itch to cancel and just stay in bed all day but lately I find myself doing my best to back my words with actions.

I consider myself shy.

Now I'd ask follow up questions to my doctor. Or strike up conversations online with people I find interesting.

Maybe change has a bad rap, but it can actually be nice sometimes.

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