#70: No Strings Attached

Can you live this way?

When you do something kind, do you expect that same kindness to be given back to you?

When you give respect, do you demand it from others too?

When you apologize, do you want to be apologized to and understood as well?

When you love, do you yearn to be loved the same way in return?

The world mostly works this way—you should get what you give. If not, leave.

While this is a smart way to live—you won't be outwitted or taken advantage of—I wonder about the alternative.

How freeing would it be to live with no strings attached? To release kindness, respect, understanding, and love without expecting any of it back—like lanterns lighting up a pitch black sky or colorful balloons sailing into an ocean of gloomy clouds.

To do the right thing only for the sake of staying true to your values—and for that to be enough. What an electric way to live.

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