#62: Back to Basics

Focus on what matters first.

How-tos, listicles, and quick guides.

As a marketer, I've received and consumed so much information on what type of content works best, and I've made the mistake of trying to apply everything to my personal blog regardless if it's aligned with my style and personality.

Instead of writing from an inspired place—with wonder (and some flirting with wisdom)—I've reduced the practice to strictly sticking to proven tricks and formulas.

So I want to do better—by going back to basics.

"Quit killing your best work with personas, SEO, targeted length, and pithy titles. You can weave all that stuff in later, but it's just clutter when you're getting started, and you'd be better off to focus on the quality of your insight rather than on all of the "best practices" clutter." — Quit Overthinking Your Own Content Plan by David C. Baker

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