#59: What Do You Think?


"While you don't control external events, you retain the ability to decide how you respond to those events. You control what every external event means to you personally." β€” The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

There were no stars in sight when I walked down our street tonight.

And I couldn't help but smile.

I sighed, but not the lonely kind of sigh. It was a sigh of reliefβ€”and pride. All my life, I've obsessed about what other people think of me, my life, my choices. But ever so slowly, I have unlearned the habit of outsourcing my thoughts and feelings to the people around me.

It also makes me happy to have finally learned to pause before reacting to a situation, ask myself what I think and feel, and trust both my judgment and intuition instead of dismissing or invalidating it without a second thought.

It is liberating to feel so secure that other people's opinion of you does not bother you anymore. I cannot control how they think of meβ€”but I can control how I think about me.

And honestly, isn't that what matters?

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