#51: Fascinated by Friendships

Let's be friends!

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While I don't completely agree with the statement above, it made me ponder.

I could imagine building a life as a single woman. I'm very open to the idea of never finding the elusive "The One." But building a life without friends?

Well, I used to think I could live without friends, too. Not anymore.

This year in particular taught me the value of friendship, and I appreciate the friends God brought into my life now more than ever.

I have friends who greet me "good morning" every single day, and friends I only talk to once a quarter—yet they both make me feel loved and special.

I have friends who gently encourage me and friends who would tell it to me straight—and they both expand my perspective.

I have friends who check in with me and how I'm going after my goals, keeping me accountable and responsible for my personal growth.

I have friends who cheer me up and support my passion projects, and friends to fangirl with over our favorite authors and artists.

I have friends who help me grow in my faith, and friends who teach me to live it out.

I have friends who would listen to me cry over the phone (or IRL), patiently holding me in a safe space when I'm crumbling, and they celebrate with me when I'm on top of my life.

To be surrounded by friends who cherish you for who you are and at the same time challenge you to grow into your best version yet—this is a blessing I hope to not take for granted ever again. 🌱

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