#46: Decluttering My Phone for Focus and Productivity

Time for some digital spring cleaning 🧹✨

Do you have too many apps on your phone and barely use half of them?

Do you dread the chaos aka your home screen?

Does your wallpaper no longer spark joy?

Perhaps it's time to make your phone work for you, not against you.

I followed some of the tips from the following videos to set up my phone so it can set me up for success. 😉

The major things I did though are:

  • Delete apps I no longer use
  • Clean inboxes (text messages, emails, social media messages) and strive for inbox zero as much as possible
  • Add my most used (and loved) apps on my home screen, as well as inspirational stuff (Bible verses, my goals and reminders for the year, widgets of my Pinterest vision board) 
  • Set up the scheduled summary for my notifications so I can batch reading and checking my messages
  • Customize my focus modes (specifically my Do Not Disturb and Work modes)
  • Switched up my wallpapers and added handy widgets on my home screen (one for viewing scheduled events and tasks for the day, one for capturing todos, and one for capturing ideas)

I feel pretty good about these changes so far (but it's only been an hour so let's not get our hopes up yet haha).

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