#40: Enjoy Your Company

Carve out some me-time this weekend.

How do you spend your weekends? 

Mine are usually blocked out for social activities: hanging out with loved ones, having heart-to-heart conversations with my confidants, and serving alongside other volunteers at church. 

As an introvert, though, socializing easily drains my energy. So I see to it that I carve out time for me to just sit still, listen and observe my thoughts, and just be. Because as much as I enjoy the company of others, much joy and peace can also be found in learning how to appreciate and delight in one's own company.

Right now, after spending almost the whole day with family and friends, I sit here in front of my desk and type these words—my kind of me time. I realize that life is better when we know how to enjoy other people's company—and our very own.

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