#30: Three Content Recommendations for the Week

On waking up early, carving out time for what matters to you, and dating in the modern world

#30: Three Content Recommendations for the Week
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Today's a bit busy for me, so like last week, I'll just share three content pieces that inspired me or taught me something valuable this week.

🍎 Health

If you've always wanted to wake up early but struggle with feeling groggy when you do...

Sleep Inertia: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment | Sleep Foundation
Do you wake up feeling groggy despite sleeping enough? Sleep inertia may be to blame. We highlight symptoms, causes, and potential treatments.

📕 Wealth

If you've been diving into something that matters to you (and have been discouraged because "you're only wasting your time")

🌹 Relationships

If you're pretty bad at dating like me and need a bit of guidance (based on research)...

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