#27: When the Feelings Fade

Should you run?

#27: When the Feelings Fade
Photo from Wifflegif

Love is a decision, not just an emotion.

Don't quote me on that—I might've just seen that on a Pinterest wallpaper or a Hallmark card.

But as cliche as it sounds, I'm starting to believe it. Our emotions change—there are highs and lows. Kind of like roller coasters. And these emotions, while strong, are unpredictable.

That's why love (the lasting kind) doesn't just hold space for warm, fuzzy feelings—it also holds us accountable and responsible, urging us to grow beyond our comfort zones and into the unknown, beyond ourselves.

All kinds of love—for our God, friends, family, and craft—require not only the fireworks of excitement in the beginning but also the commitment when  the connection is deepening—even on days when the feelings seem to fizzle.

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