#24: Too Harsh on You?

Read me for a gentle reminder.

#24: Too Harsh on You?
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I've heard this so many times that I wouldn't know who to credit:

We are our own worst critics.

When we make mistakes, when we fall short—most of us beat ourselves over it. Not once or twice, but as long as we could. We replay our mistakes like a blockbuster movie. We listen to our negative self-talk more than we listen to our favorite songs.

That's why learning how to be compassionate with oneself is a life skill.  

"Self-compassion, and not necessarily high self-esteem, may be the key to reaching your full potential. While being too hard on yourself can lead to the resignation that you're just not good enough, and being too easy on yourself may lead to excuses for your behavior, self-compassion strikes just the right balance...

Self-compassion means viewing your failures kindly yet realistically.

It means understanding that everyone has shortcomings, including you, and that failure doesn't decrease your worth as a person.

When you take a compassionate approach to your own weaknesses, you'll be more likely to recognize there is room to grow and improve." — 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do by Amy Morin

Our ability to be self-compassionate affects our relationship with others too.

"When we are internally violent toward ourselves, it is difficult to be genuinely compassionate toward others." — Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg

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