#19: Due for New Adventures

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#19: Due for New Adventures
Photo from MyUniDays

I've been working in the same company for four years or so.

I've attended the same church since 2015.

When I was still a student, my high school and college days—8 years in total—were spent in the same university.

And I've lived in the same town for two decades.

I'm the kind of person who tries a meal in a restaurant, likes it, and never orders something different ever again. The kind of person who's impressed by a brand (e.g. Apple) and never tries another one ever again. The kind who falls a little bit deeper in love each day with the person I'm with, rendering all other men invisible while I'm in the relationship.

But lately I've been itching to try something new and unfamiliar—and I do so in the littlest of ways: new apps, new cafès, new book genres, new hairstyles. And these mini adventures I've been having (my glimmers lately) got me thinking: Is it time for a bigger shift in my life? Is it time to stop playing it safe?

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