#14: But First, Have You Tried It Yet?

Because you could be right...or wrong.

#14: But First, Have You Tried It Yet?
Photo from Tenor

It was sage green.

The dress, I mean.

My aunt lovingly filled a box with goodies from Japan, and last week, my other aunts and cousins received and rummaged through it to find which items had our names. My aunt watched us and talked with us as we unboxed everything on a Messenger video call—she wanted to see if she got our sizes right (and maybe also see our smiles as we go through her gifts for us).

Among the stuff were chocolates (I don’t know why but chocolates from Japan taste way better. Just me?), umeboshi (a longtime fave), shoes, and clothes. When I opened one of the bags (my name was scribbled on it), the sage green dress was the first thing I saw.

At first glance I assumed, “This won’t fit.” I thought about the people I could give it to. After a couple of minutes, though, my aunt asked me to search for the dress and try it. I was so sure it wouldn’t fit but I didn’t tell her. I just grabbed the dress and put it on.

The moment I slipped into the dress so effortlessly and saw my reflection in the mirror was the moment I thought what I’m about to tell you in this post. Here goes…

Try it on for size

This idiom came to mind when I saw that the dress actually fits! It means “to put on (a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, etc.) in order to see if it is the correct size,” and it could also mean, “to test something or to think about an idea in order to decide if it works or if you can use it.”

And that’s all I wanted to tell you.

Don’t disqualify yourself out of a dream because it seems impossible to come true. Try it on for size first.

Don’t turn down a date with someone you actually like because you’re scared it won’t work out or you’re doubting yourself or you’re imagining the worst ways it could end. Try it on for size first.

Whatever your “thing” is right now, try it on for size.

If it fits, hooray! You wouldn’t have to overthink and stress yourself out about it anymore. If it doesn’t, you gain clarity, learn how to flex your acceptance muscle, and you can let it go without regret or wondering.

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