#10: When You Don’t Feel Good Enough as a Creative

Here's a quick pep talk.

#10: When You Don’t Feel Good Enough as a Creative
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After publishing a piece meant to encourage fellow creatives, I found myself sitting with Self-doubt again. My ideas are elementary, my writing style plain. I wonder if I am only wasting my time and yours.

But I snap out of it and sit to write. Being prolific requires strength—to bear the weight of being mediocre—and humility to not fuss over our worthiness and instead focus on the practice.

Inspired by the consistency and commitment to the craft of the likes of Maria Popova, Cole Schafer, Seth Godin, and Leo Babauta, I show up today to also remind you to press on.

Create—even if you don't feel good enough. Shake off the pressure to be perfect, and do the work. Quietly. Humbly.

The more bad ideas you test, the more chances of chancing upon the best ones.

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